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We have experience on all sizes and types of general building

Many office refurbishment projects require the alteration to the existing building structure to suit the design requirements. These general building projects vary from the quite small, which may include drilling holes through structural walls and floors to the quite large, which may lead to building walls and structural steel installations.

General Building. Purpose-built Smoking Shelter within a light well

Recent projects

Dentist Surgery Reception Desk and Shutter

Refurbishment – West Byfleet

Kantar, Hanger Lane Meeting Room Full Height Door

Meeting room – Hanger Lane

We have experience on all sizes and types of general building

One of our regular customers located in London required a smoking shelter to be installed within a building lightwell, this being the only sensible place for its installation due to the limitations of space outside the building. With careful planning, we built a suitable structure which was both reasonably attractive and fit for purpose. The same customer required access to the roof from the same lightwell for maintenance purposes. We installed a purpose-made galvanised steel ladder with safety hand railing necessary to achieve the customer’s requirements.

Often when planning an office layout, the design is limited by the position of the existing structural windows. It is sometimes possible to overcome these design issues by adding new windows. We have carried out these installations in the past, mainly within warehouses where mezzanine floors have been installed to add more office space. New windows are needed at the mezzanine floor level to provide adequate natural light.

Another interesting project involved the refurbishment of an existing entrance porch which had unsightly air condensing units installed on its roof. We designed and installed a purpose-made louvre screen resulting in a more attractive entrance area.

These small building projects are often more challenging due to the amount of detailed planning required to achieve a successful result.