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Enhance your office area with our suspended ceilings

Perhaps the first question worth asking about suspended ceilings is why you need one at all. 

Well, certainly some client would prefer not to have a suspended ceiling and make a feature of the existing structure, decorating with neutral paint colour and picking out the exposed service equipment in a contrasting colour. Although this design can be quite attractive in certain scenarios, generally the installation of a flat level ceiling covering all the pipes and ducting and wire services is the most appropriate. 

The flat level suspended ceiling gives an attractive finish which reflects light well onto the work surfaces and provides the perfect structure for installing light fittings and ventilation grilles. 

We have options for consideration from all the leading suspended ceiling suppliers including Armstrong, OWA, RockfonEcophon, British Gypsum and AMF 

Suspended Ceilings

Recent projects

Suspended Ceilings

Two types of popular designs

Our past customers are mainly attracted to two design options. 

Lay-in Grid Suspended Ceiling 

The first is the lay-in grid suspended ceiling which comprises either a 600 x 600mm or 600 x 1200mm tile laid within a white metal suspended grid. This option is quick and very cost-effective to install and gives a very modern clean line ceiling under which to install any office partitioning. The ceiling tiles can be easily removed to give access to the void above necessary sometimes for maintenance of services. A very popular suspended ceiling manufacture is Armstrong Ceiling Solutions.

CasoLine MF Suspended Ceiling 

The British Gypsum CasoLine MF Suspended Ceiling system uses a galvanised steel framework fixed to the building structure. This framework is then covered using plasterboard which is this then either drylined of plastered to achieve a perfectly flat level surface ready final a paint finish. 

PSE Interiors would be pleased to discuss any potential suspended ceiling requirement which you may have.